Friday, January 1, 2010

101 in 1001:

01. Send an email (or letter) to my grandparents (both sets) once a month for a year. (2/24)
02. Visit Jonathan’s grandparents in New York.
03. Visit Jonathan’s mom in Texas.
04. Visit my family and friends in Maine.
05. Video chat with my family once a month for a year. (0/12)
06. Play Team Fortress 2 with Jonathan.
07. Invite people over for dinner once a month for six months. (0/6)
08. Come up with five surprises for husband. (1/5)
09. Create 5 new Zajas family traditions. (0/5)
10. Establish a biweekly family game night.
11. Write down and remember all of our friends and family’s birthdays and anniversaries.
12. Go on three vacations with husband. (1/3) August 2010 Cruise
13. Give someone a gift “just because.”
14. Plan and throw a party for someone.
15. This one’s a secret.

16. Learn how to bake delicious bread.
17. Try 10 new recipes. (10/10)
18. Learn how to crochet.
19. Take at least one picture a day for 365 days.
20. When completed with above goal, make a coffee table book or album using those pictures.
21. Upload images to flickr on a regular basis.
22. Submit some of my photography for publication.
23. Submit photos to a stock photography website.
24. Read 30 books (5 of them being classic novels, 10 business books, 2 biographies.) (0/5) (0/10) (0/2) (5/30)
25. Learn how to make fondue.
26. Refill my etsy shop with handmade cards.
27. Get a sewing machine.
28. Complete 5 sewing projects after getting said machine. (0/5)
29. Make a scrapbook/album for each year (’09, ’10, ’11) and each major vacation. (0/3) (0/3ish)
30. Make more videos of our little family.

31. Go see five plays. (1/5)
32. Go on a cruise.
33. Go to the Frist Center for the Visual Arts.
34. Go on a train ride.
35. Go camping—tent and fire must be included.
36. Go to New York City and see a Broadway musical.
37. Watch a foreign film (preferably French.) - Coco Chanel
38. Use my passport again.
39. Attend a film festival.
40. Go to a concert in Nashville.
41. Hike to a waterfall.
42. Stay in a bed & breakfast.
43. Try ten new restaurants. (0/10)

44. Create a laundry + housework weekly schedule and stick with it.
45. Paint all of the rooms in our house that we want to paint. (1/8)
46. Finish staining our coffee table.
47. Clean out and organize my Google Reader.
48. Organize, clean out, and back up all computer files.
49. Establish a stellar filing system.
50. Make our bed every day for 30 days to make it a consistent habit. (30/30)
51. Paint our buffet.
52. Clean/organize closets and donate all clothes that I don’t wear.

53. Read the entire Bible.
54. Fill up a handwritten journal.
55. Become members of our church.
56. Start attending a small group or Bible study.
57. Learn how to shoot a gun.
58. Take another weeklong fast from online social networking.
59. Break habit of hitting the snooze button.
60. Make/Collect a good supply of thank-you cards.
61. Form the habit of consistently sending thank-you cards!
62. Get a bike.
63. Write down every quote that inspires me.

64. Eat more real food.
65. Continue working out 5x a week for 2 months--until it becomes a habit. (31/40)
66. Go get an eye exam and renew contact/glasses prescription.
67. Take vitamins every day for a month --to form habit. (2/30)
68. When stressed about something, take a break, relax, and put everything in perspective.
69. Go to a Farmer’s Market and buy fresh produce.
70. Don’t drink caffeine or carbonated drinks for 21 days. (21/21)

71. Write ten handwritten letters to friends. (0/10)
72. Send a care package to 3 people. (0/3)
73. Encourage someone to make a list!
74. Donate to missions every month.
75. Start recycling.
76. Help someone else pursue one of their dreams.
77. Volunteer at a soup kitchen.
78. Fill 5 Operation Christmas Child shoe boxes. (0/5)

79. Find a new favorite pizza place here in Nashville (that is somewhat comparable to our beloved Lupi’s.)
80. Find 10 new (to me) artists/bands to listen to and love. (0/10)
81. Carve a pumpkin.
82. Learn how to use my new Diana F+ camera.
83. Go to a flea market.
84. Grow my own herbs.
85. Plant a wildflower garden.
86. See a meteor shower.
87. Go horseback riding.
88. Go on a picnic.

89. Get new business cards.
90. Create new client packets.
91. Go to a photography convention. Imaging USA 2010 Nashville, TN
92. Create a client meeting/have coffee space in the studio/office.
93. Create gallery wall in studio.
94. Create a weekly blog schedule and stick to it.
95. Upgrade my photography equipment.
96. Have a budget meeting with husband every month.
97. Stick to said budget.
98. Stay on top of keeping track of spending/receipts so it doesn't pile up.
99. Pay off student loans.
100. Save 3-6 months of living expenses.
101. Find new ways to reduce regular expenses/bills (i.e. groceries, cable, internet, cell phones, utilities, car insurance, etc.)


  1. I'm inspired to make a lits too! I was never as good at lists as you are though. Maybe I will still give it a try.

    Number 87 makes me happy! I'll do what I can to make sure this happens for you. Do you think you could get Jonathan to go along with you?

  2. Does Amish Friendship bread count or do you mean like healthy bread?

    I also know of some beautiful falls if you need suggestions.

  3. @Miranda: Oooh, I would love your help with making #87 happen. And I definitely think Jonathan would come along too.

    @FadingExistence: Amish Friendship bread might count, I've never made that before. But I would like to start making some healthy bread to replace our store-bought bread. And I would love to hear of your suggestions for beautiful falls to hike to. :)

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