Friday, January 1, 2010

101 in 1001:

01. Send an email (or letter) to my grandparents (both sets) once a month for a year. (2/24)
02. Visit Jonathan’s grandparents in New York.
03. Visit Jonathan’s mom in Texas.
04. Visit my family and friends in Maine.
05. Video chat with my family once a month for a year. (0/12)
06. Play Team Fortress 2 with Jonathan.
07. Invite people over for dinner once a month for six months. (0/6)
08. Come up with five surprises for husband. (1/5)
09. Create 5 new Zajas family traditions. (0/5)
10. Establish a biweekly family game night.
11. Write down and remember all of our friends and family’s birthdays and anniversaries.
12. Go on three vacations with husband. (1/3) August 2010 Cruise
13. Give someone a gift “just because.”
14. Plan and throw a party for someone.
15. This one’s a secret.

16. Learn how to bake delicious bread.
17. Try 10 new recipes. (10/10)
18. Learn how to crochet.
19. Take at least one picture a day for 365 days.
20. When completed with above goal, make a coffee table book or album using those pictures.
21. Upload images to flickr on a regular basis.
22. Submit some of my photography for publication.
23. Submit photos to a stock photography website.
24. Read 30 books (5 of them being classic novels, 10 business books, 2 biographies.) (0/5) (0/10) (0/2) (5/30)
25. Learn how to make fondue.
26. Refill my etsy shop with handmade cards.
27. Get a sewing machine.
28. Complete 5 sewing projects after getting said machine. (0/5)
29. Make a scrapbook/album for each year (’09, ’10, ’11) and each major vacation. (0/3) (0/3ish)
30. Make more videos of our little family.

31. Go see five plays. (1/5)
32. Go on a cruise.
33. Go to the Frist Center for the Visual Arts.
34. Go on a train ride.
35. Go camping—tent and fire must be included.
36. Go to New York City and see a Broadway musical.
37. Watch a foreign film (preferably French.) - Coco Chanel
38. Use my passport again.
39. Attend a film festival.
40. Go to a concert in Nashville.
41. Hike to a waterfall.
42. Stay in a bed & breakfast.
43. Try ten new restaurants. (0/10)

44. Create a laundry + housework weekly schedule and stick with it.
45. Paint all of the rooms in our house that we want to paint. (1/8)
46. Finish staining our coffee table.
47. Clean out and organize my Google Reader.
48. Organize, clean out, and back up all computer files.
49. Establish a stellar filing system.
50. Make our bed every day for 30 days to make it a consistent habit. (30/30)
51. Paint our buffet.
52. Clean/organize closets and donate all clothes that I don’t wear.

53. Read the entire Bible.
54. Fill up a handwritten journal.
55. Become members of our church.
56. Start attending a small group or Bible study.
57. Learn how to shoot a gun.
58. Take another weeklong fast from online social networking.
59. Break habit of hitting the snooze button.
60. Make/Collect a good supply of thank-you cards.
61. Form the habit of consistently sending thank-you cards!
62. Get a bike.
63. Write down every quote that inspires me.

64. Eat more real food.
65. Continue working out 5x a week for 2 months--until it becomes a habit. (31/40)
66. Go get an eye exam and renew contact/glasses prescription.
67. Take vitamins every day for a month --to form habit. (2/30)
68. When stressed about something, take a break, relax, and put everything in perspective.
69. Go to a Farmer’s Market and buy fresh produce.
70. Don’t drink caffeine or carbonated drinks for 21 days. (21/21)

71. Write ten handwritten letters to friends. (0/10)
72. Send a care package to 3 people. (0/3)
73. Encourage someone to make a list!
74. Donate to missions every month.
75. Start recycling.
76. Help someone else pursue one of their dreams.
77. Volunteer at a soup kitchen.
78. Fill 5 Operation Christmas Child shoe boxes. (0/5)

79. Find a new favorite pizza place here in Nashville (that is somewhat comparable to our beloved Lupi’s.)
80. Find 10 new (to me) artists/bands to listen to and love. (0/10)
81. Carve a pumpkin.
82. Learn how to use my new Diana F+ camera.
83. Go to a flea market.
84. Grow my own herbs.
85. Plant a wildflower garden.
86. See a meteor shower.
87. Go horseback riding.
88. Go on a picnic.

89. Get new business cards.
90. Create new client packets.
91. Go to a photography convention. Imaging USA 2010 Nashville, TN
92. Create a client meeting/have coffee space in the studio/office.
93. Create gallery wall in studio.
94. Create a weekly blog schedule and stick to it.
95. Upgrade my photography equipment.
96. Have a budget meeting with husband every month.
97. Stick to said budget.
98. Stay on top of keeping track of spending/receipts so it doesn't pile up.
99. Pay off student loans.
100. Save 3-6 months of living expenses.
101. Find new ways to reduce regular expenses/bills (i.e. groceries, cable, internet, cell phones, utilities, car insurance, etc.)